LIT is the next-gen disposable pod vape by badmassh

Designed to help the one billion adult smokers worldwide to break the cycle of cigarettes with the cleanest most convenient alternative to combustible tobacco available anywhere.

Designed For Adult Smokers

Smoking Made Simple

Our compact pods make switching to cleaner vaping next-gen disposable

pod not just more healthful than cigarettes but more convenient too.

Effortless Vaping Experience

Instant incredible flavour with on draw

activation. No buttons or complicated


No Maintenance Required

Battery is fully charged and has enough

e-liquid to substitute for an entire pack of


Almost Weightless

Pocket sized pod allows you to

enjoy your active lifestyle free

from smoke.

The Freedom to Choose

The future of vaping is here, a cutting edge disposable all in one pod device we call the LIT. it is small, extremely easy to use straight out of the box and can be utlized discreetly by all types of vapours. you don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons, priming, charging or refilling.All lit product come with a standard 4 percent strenght and an approx of 3oo puffs.
If you’re looking for an effortless vaping experience to genuinely switch the habit, then LIT is literally the best device for you. SO go get LIT!

Masala Chai

India’s Favourite beverage Chai
with indian spices.


All the flavours of a traditional
paan with a hint of mint.




LyngoA great combinations of two great tropical fruits, Mango and Lychee.

Sutta (TBK)

Bold Blended TBK