Life as a child

Born on the 24 th of November, Wicky was a shy child and because of this very nature always preferred occupying the last bench. This unknowingly helped him develop strong observational skills looking around everything else like a normal kid but with a different approach, observing to learn and observing to understand.

Start of a career

Wicky started working at the age of 17 Years with a BPO to finance his aspiration of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Soon the work, culture, perk and the challenges of this industry glued him however he took a gap of few years to complete his education. He made a comeback with a serious ambition of growing and scaling heights in this sector.

After being on calls for little over a year, Wicky participated in the internal job posting and competed with candidates senior to him in age and experience. With his exceptional attitude, presentation and skills Wicky got promoted as a “Trainer” at the age of 21 Years and from there he kept on mastering various characteristic to shape up his ambition to be the one and what it takes to reach there.

Beginning of a profession

Wicky believes spreading knowledge is the real way of learning and thus he didn’t limit being associated with a single employer. Wicky, has been delivering customised trainings to corporate houses of various sectors and educational institutions. He is known for his much extra ordinary ways of delivering sessions and public speaking. He always amuses his audience by being humorous.


Wicky not only delivers skill and leadership trainings at educational institutes and for corporate, but also creates job opportunities for students by organising campus drives across the colleges. Corporate houses always look forward for Wicky’s support for hiring the best talent from the industry and pool of fresh talent.

Passion and his source of motivation

Riding over a decade, Wicky is passionate and obsessed about solo long haul touring on a motorcycle; the usual definition of long rides for him is at least 1000 Kilo Meters without a sleep over break. Unlike others who tour on a premium motorbike, he rides a single cylinder 135 cc commuter bike; he feels riding unconventionally and mechanically manual two wheels connects his soul to the machine. He fondly calls his motorbike his wife. He says, each trip teaches him something more about life and how you should approach it.